Telling Our Story

Chapel Walk

One of Denison’s long-standing traditions is the publishing of a glossy, two-hundred page, 50th Reunion Celebration Book. It includes a listing of all class members, updates on as many classmates as possible – plus classic pictures, fun facts and great memories. We’re sure you’ll be delighted with the Celebration Book, we just need your help.

We’re asking everyone in the Class of 1971 to submit a biographical section about life during, but mainly, after Denison. We’re also requesting that everyone include a current “headshot” as well as a couple of your favorite candid shots – to help bring your biography to life.

Share your stories with your classmates. Write brief or lengthy, frank or prosaic, serious or humorous accountings of your life at Denison and beyond. Write a little or a lot – but do write. And don’t forget your pictures. You’ll enjoy the results in the Celebration Book!

Slayter Hall in 1968Each of you will receive your book next spring, before our Class of 1971 50th Reunion in Granville on June 3-6, 2021.

From conversations at previous 50th Reunions:
“I wish I’d known how special our Celebration Book would be. Even though I didn’t know some classmates, I enjoyed reading their reflections and insights, their career choices and life decisions. After all, it has been 50 years since our Denison experience! What interesting people we have become.”

In the months ahead, you will receive a personalized login where you can update your personal information and upload your personal story. In the meantime… it’s never too soon to start writing!

Remember, your “today” head-shot photo will be printed beside your “Denison Days” picture and candid shots will be included with your biography. If you don’t send in an entry, just your name and Adytum or Baby Book photo will stand in for you!