Memorabilia Room

One of the highlights of Reunion Weekend is seeing great mementos from our fabulous “Denison Days.” Traditionally at a class’s 50th Reunion, a dedicated Memorabilia Room has been set up to display items like freshman beanies, D-jackets, and pictures.

Our “Class of ’71 Gathering Spot and Memorabilia Room” will be easy to find with clear signage, and it will be a great place for us to meet ’71 classmates, check out all the interesting memorabilia, relax in a casual atmosphere, and reconnect.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy it — we just need your help. Please go to your closet, basement, or attic and find those great mementos. Here’s what you may want to look for: anything Denison, like freshman beanies, jerseys, D-jackets, mugs, paddles, posters — and old photos. Put them in a special place to bring to the Reunion. Or, if you’d like to mail them prior to Reunion Weekend, the university can receive the items, mark them, hold them through Reunion, and even mail them back to you afterward. Just send them to:

Jennifer Steurer, Reunion Coordinator
Office of Alumni & Family Engagement
Denison University
100 West College Street
Granville, OH 43023

So, please commit to making the Class of ’71 Gathering Spot and Memorabilia Room the best ever, and start looking for those priceless treasures!

A large table with 50th Reunion memorabilia on it