The Benefits of Planned Giving

It’s smart to make a gift to charity from one’s estate, and it doesn’t require a fortune.

  • There’s no immediate impact on your bank account.
  • It’s an opportunity to make a personal statement.
  • It saves taxes (and, as a result, perhaps allows you to give a larger gift than would otherwise be possible).
  • It helps shape the future and leave a lasting legacy.
  • There are many different giving plans and options to choose from.

The cover to the Making a Difference brochureA planned gift to Denison will be a lasting reminder of the gratitude we feel for preparing us for the real world.

Denison stands ready to answer your questions about planned giving. For more information, contact Denison staff members Ed Cable and Marcus Fowler.

For more information on the various options and benefits planned gifts offer, download this informative brochure from the Denison Office of Gift Planning.