Denny-Do Slang from 1968

This glossary of Denison slang first appeared in the Mother’s Day edition of the Denisonian, May 6, 1967. The words were compiled by a voice and diction class; definitions were supplied by Shirley Dekker ’70, Bob Morgan ’68, Kent Pope ’68, Holly Ulmer ’67, Mary Whittaker ’68, and Tom Martin ’68. This list appeared in the Spring 1978 Denison Alumnus. Reprinted with permission.

Ace, Boat, Hook, Dog, Flag: nouns; grades A,B,C,D,F.

All-nighter: noun; a prolonged study period, which prevents the student from getting any sleep

Animal: noun; extremely crude, physically aggressive person

Bad news: noun; any unpleasing activity

BBH: noun; boy back home

Bear: adj.; difficult (as in a course or exam)

Bennys: noun; beneficial ultraviolet rays

Big deal: noun; something which is unimportant

Bip around: verb: to socialize

Blither: verb; to talk nonsense (often without realizing anyone is listening to what is being said)

Blitzed: adj.; drunk

Blow an hourly: verb; to perform poorly on an hourly

Blow lunch: verb; to vomit, regurgitate

Blow one’s cool: verb; to lose one’s social poise

Bod: noun; body

Book (it): verb; to study

Boozed: adj.; drunk

Boss: adj.; socially attuned, admired

Brew: noun; beer

Brownie: noun; one who patronizes his professors for ulterior motives

Bulk, Eats, Monge: nouns; food

Bush: adj.; unsophisticated

Camp: adj.; socially acceptable

Catch some rays: verb; to sunbathe

Caught it: verb; “Got the shaft”

Chug: verb; to drink rapidly

Clutch: verb; to experience heightened anxiety culminating in hysterical amnesia and inactivation during periods of distress

Coin or coins: noun; money

Cool head: noun; one who is socially adept

Cop out: verb; to quit at last moment, to accept responsibility and then reject it.

Cut out: verb; to leave

Ding: noun; a socially rejected person. Verb; to reject (usually a person)

Drag: noun; something which stimulates negatively

F: noun; one who is socially inferior

Face man: noun; handsome male

Faced: adj.: drunk

Fish: noun; someone who imbibes over-frequently

Flake off: verb; to remove one’s presence, to act incongruently

Flamer: noun; an obnoxious person

Gape: verb; to be caught by surprise, to deviate from normal behavior. Noun; behavior or an act which deviates from the norm

Gas: noun; unfavorable comment

Good or Bad scene: noun; pleasing or displeasing activity or behavior

Got the shaft: verb; received a “raw deal”

Gourd: noun; head

Grab some Z’S: verb; to sleep

Grins: noun; fun

Groovy: adj.; socially attuned; admired

Gross: adj.; crude, unsophisticated

Grubbies: noun; old clothes

Gut: noun; something easily done (often used in reference to a course)

Honey: noun; female

Honked: adj.; angry

Hooking: noun; drinking

Horror Show: noun; drunken party

Hot for: adj., enthusiastic or enamored of

Hot ticket: noun; socially desirable woman

HTH: noun; home town honey

Hung up: adj.; emotionally involved to the point of conflicting with other behavior.

Hurt: verb; to be lacking (often in a social sense)

In the bag: adj.; drunk

Jelly: noun; one who is indecisive

Jerk Job: noun; something unfavorable which occurred in the place of that which was expected due to the plotting of someone else.

Jock: noun; athletic

Keyed: adj.; enthusiastically anticipatory

Kiss it off: verb; to dismiss from consideration

Lit: adj.; slightly intoxicated

Lizard: noun; a social inferior

Loaded: adj.; drunk, rich

Looped: adj.; drunk

Mash: noun; kiss. Verb; to kiss

Mickey Mouse: noun; a creation of Walt Disney; also, busy work, unnecessary or “absurd” ritual

Nailed: adj.; very secured, or double-crossed, also caught in the act

Nurd: noun; a social inferior (accurate period spelling-Ed.)

Off the wall: adj.; unaware of reality, emotionally unstable.

Out of it: adj.; unaware of the situation, drunk

Out of sight: adj.; extremely good or bad

Passed: adv.; having assumed an unconscious state

Pimp: verb; to double-cross, let down. Noun; double cross, one who is unfair, or a double-cross

Pit: noun; messy room or person

Plowed: adj.; drunk

Power book: verb; to study extremely hard

Primed: adj.; slight intoxication in preparation for great intoxication

Psyched up: adj.; in a state of heightened anticipation

Punt: verb; to kill time which could be put to better use, to neglect

Rack monster: noun; the hallucination which lures one from studies to a state of sleep

Rack: noun; bed. Verb; to sleep

Rally: verb; to rouse oneself for something

Raw deal: noun; something which is unfair

Reek: verb; emit a quality of unsavoriness

Rents: noun; parents

Road poppies: noun; the beer one drinks while driving

Sangy: noun; sandwich

Schnockered: adj.; drunk

Screamer: noun; a freewheeling, sometime obnoxious person (depending on situation)

Shot: adj.; physically and/or mentally, emotionally exhausted

Snowed: adj.; infatuated

Spacehead; noun; empty-headed person

Spook: noun; one who does not make it to the union at least twice a day; one who is different from the norm; an introverted person. Verb; to act obscurely

Stoned: adj.; drunk

Strapped: adj.; angry

Stud: noun; handsome male

Sweat it: verb; to worry

Take grief (archaic term: Took gas): verb; do poorly

Take it in the ear: verb; to fail or be failed

Teenie bopper: noun; high schooler

That’s close: explanation; reply to a statement which someone has just made that is highly unlikely

The Libs: noun; the library

Threads: noun; clothes

Throwing them down: verb; drinking

Thumb it: verb; to hitchhike

Ticked: adj.; angry

Toad: noun; unsavory person

Tool: noun; a socially attractive person; a person who can be used by others to do busy work; an intelligent person

Total: verb; to wreck completely

Totaled: adv.; completely wrecked or drunk

Touch: adj.; really good

Townie: noun; a non-college person

Trou: noun; trousers

Tube: noun; television

Turfing: noun; a warm weather outdoor sport played in mixed teams of two

Turkey: noun; a social inferior

Turned on: adj.; enthusiastically anticipatory

Turns me on: verb; excites, provides enjoyment

Unie: noun; clothes, student union

Up for grabs: adj.; euphoric

Wheels: noun; car

Whirlies: noun; dizzy feeling due to intoxication

Wimp: noun; a small, wispy person

Winner: noun; a person who is socially adept; something which is displeasing or inept

Zip: noun; nebulous person, zero

Zoo: noun; drunken, wild party